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Thursday, October 12, 2006

This Blog Has Ended

I have decided for various reasons to end this blog and will no longer allow comments here. I will, however, for the moment leave this blog public.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Secret MISSION Is Over

The Secret MISSION I was on is over.

I am back and ready to talk movies. Who wants to start it all in the comments box?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Alas, the plans of mice and men and Mentally
Challenged often go asunder. I find that I
will have to forgo plans for this blog at
least until the spring and possibly even much
longer. I started a mini contest last week
with plans for a larger one in the fall.
However, because I will for an undetermined
time be no longer posting at this blog
I had to cancel those contest plans and
take the contest post down.

There was however, one point leader in
all categories in the mini contest,
Megan, and I will honor the prize I
announced in the contest. So, Megan if you
wish to receive your prize, I will need an email
address from you to make arrangements with you
to send the prize to you. To reach me by email,
put "Megan Diary" in the subject heading of an
email (it will get through my spam that way) and
mail it to:

To those who commented at this blog, my sincere
thanks and appreciation is given.

Friday, July 08, 2005

13. Secret DOUBLE Feature # 5

As of this writing the "Secret" movies that
have not been correctly named yet in the trivia
quizzes are #2, #6, #13 (two movies)
= six movies. As well, #1, #2 and #3 have not
been answered in the new "other movie trivia"

Two movies having Paris as the
setting comprise this double feature


The movie with Nicole as a singer in 1890s
Paris to me was a more enjoyable movie than
the first movie with the same title as
Nicoles' movie.

This movie got good reviews but the s** scenes
caused quite a stir. Some consider this movie
Marlon Brandos' greatest performance.

Today introduces a new feature to the weekly
Friday movie quizzes. From now on besides a
weekly movie double feature to name there will
also be some non movie title trivia questions.

1. Supply the missing letter:
Cary Grant's real last name
began with the letter _?

2. Name the movie star wife of Clark
Gable that died in an airplane crash.

3. True or false:
Fred Astair once was part of a dancing
team with his sister?

Starting in September or October there
will be large trivia contest at this weblog
and details of it will be announced here
the second friday of Aug.

In the meantime, there will be a mini
contest run here starting with this post
and ending 12 A.M. Eastern Standard
Time Aug. 31/2005.

There will be three winning Categories:
1. Most points for a correctly named double
feature movie.
2. Most points for the
3. Most points for comments

1. 10 points awarded for the correct
name of a double feature movie

2. 5 points awarded for the correct
answer to the other trivia questions.

3. 2 points awarded for a comment
if it is a non correct answer to a 10 or
5 point question provided it comes
before the correct answer is acknowleged.
A simple comment of some kind
that doesn't attempt to answer a trivia
question will also receive 2 points.

4. In the event of multiple correct
answers before the correct answer is
acknowleged, the first correct answer gets
the 10 or 5 points while the rest get two

5. A person may only win a prize in one
category. In the event of a person winning
in more than one category, the person will be
declared the winner in the category in which
the person had the highest points total and
in whatever other categories the person won
in, the second place point total person will
be delcared the winner.

Every Category winner will receive
the same prize. A personalized movie
trivia software game I made a couple of
years ago. The game won't make
Microsoft jealous, but will provide some
fun to movie fans. The game is a one
or two person player game that features
five hundred questions. The splash screen
will be personalized for the 3 winners with
the name(s) of the winners' choice as
pictured below in the splash screen, which
is displayed when the game is started,
I made for my sister when I made a
personalized version of the game for her.

The game runs strictly on the Windows
operating system and was tested
successfully on Windows 95/98/Me/Xp
which means it probably runs on all
versions of Windows.

Splash Screen

Friday, July 01, 2005

12. Secret DOUBLE Feature # 4


As of this writing the "Secret" movies that
have not been correctly named yet in the trivia
quizzes are #2, #6, #11(two movies), #12 (two movies)
= six movies.

Two movies from the 90's
comprise this double feature.


Robert told her that he is on assignment from
National Geographic magazine to photograph
bridges and he asks directions to the Rosamunde


A never adopted orphan in St. Cloud, Maine is
the principle character in an orphanage.
Eventually he leaves to work on an apple farm

Friday, June 24, 2005

11. Secret DOUBLE Feature # 3


As of this writing the "Secret" movies that
have not been correctly named yet in the trivia
quizzes are #2, #6, #11(two movies)
= four movies.

Two movies from the film master of supsense
comprise this double feature.


Joel, Laraine, Herbert, and George are in
this movie although the directors' first
choice was Gary not Joel.

Exposing enemy agents in London on the eve
of WW II?

As Patricia danced at the party full of
Nazi sympathizers, her partner said:
"Right now, they're probably haggling over the
price for us with Murder, Incorporated."

Robert really didn't kill his best friend but
had to run anyway.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

10. Secret DOUBLE Feature # 2


Two movies from the 50's comprise the
double feature. The first is a classic
western and the second is another classic
but this time dealing with the teaching
profession and troubled youth.

The newly-married sheriff when faced
with the return of his enemies was
abandoned by the town and his deputy.
He was tempted to run away, even by his
pacifist Quaker Wife. He did throw his
badge in the dust on the ground and ride
away, but only after staying to face his

The young teacher had to deal with the
horrible conditions that teachers face in
larger cities and small towns. Among the
other teachers was the more experienced
teacher who turned his back on many things
to avoid problems, and the students
sensing he was a weak compromiser turned him
into a pathetic broken down teacher.

The rock and roll record used for this movie
is considered the first rock and roll hit
record ever.